The Pharma Action in Patient Advocacy Summit 2020 will bring together 200+ customer experience leaders, patient advocates, advocacy groups, and pharma patient advocacy leaders to learn how pharma can work with patients to deliver more compelling experiences. Despite the conference being virtual this year, we have no doubt the content and networking opportunities will be top-notch!

The Pharma Action in Patient Advocacy Summit 2020 focuses on how pharma can use technology, data, and design to drive patient engagement and outcomes in a real and measurable way. Conference speakers include commercial pharma executives, patient advocates, advocacy groups, marketing and brand leaders, technology companies, and leading patient advocacy solution providers. Attendees benefit from a virtual conference environment that fosters peer-to-peer interaction, collaboration, and networking.

Join us virtually this December 16th!
Virtual Conference

Date & Time
December 16, 2020
11:30am-06:00pm EST
Speakers and Advisors
Jeanette Meibach

DIrector and head of patient experience and advocacy

Seth Rotberg


Seth rotberg consulting
Dyan Bryson

Joe Chichioco

Associate Director,
Patient Advocacy

Schedule - December 16th
11:30 AM
Opening Remarks from Conference Chairs

Dyan Bryson, Patient Engagement Specialist, Inspired Health Strategies
Jeanette Meibach, Director and Head of Patient Experience and Advocacy, Immunomedics

11:45 AM
Session TBD: Building a Patient Advocacy Infrastructure

PA personnel & departments are often siloed and lack integration with other, more traditional business functions within the organization. This session explores best practices for successfully integrating PA across various other departments.

• How are data & resources shared between business functions?
• Keys to cultivating top-down endorsement & buy-in
• Dealing with the financial aspects of patient advocacy(ROI, funding, support)

Speaker TBD

12:05 PM
What’s the deal with…Patient-Focused Drug Development?

The Patient-Focused Drug Development (PFDD) initiative aims to more systematically obtain the patient perspective on specific diseases and their treatments. The patient perspective is critical in helping FDA understand the context in which regulatory decisions are made for new drugs. PFDD meetings give FDA and other key stakeholders, including medical product developers, health care providers, federal partners, an important opportunity to hear directly from patients, their families, caregivers, and patient advocates about the symptoms that matter most to them, the impact the disease has on patients’ daily lives, and patients’ experiences with currently available treatments. This input can inform FDA’s decisions and oversight both during drug development and during our review of a marketing application.

Dyan Bryson, Patient Engagement Strategist, Inspired Health Strategies

12:25 PM
Session TBD: How does Patient Advocacy show ROI?

One of the most challenging aspect of working in the PA space is demonstrating Return-On-Investment (ROI) in comparison with other business functions. At the end of the day, pharma is a business, and, while the advocacy activities are a contributor to the overall patient experience, they often in do not show up in their contributions to the bottom line.
What are some ways that PA can show value when compared with the rest of the organization?
How do PA efforts tie into basic metrics, such as Rx volume?
What are some examples of how PA activities have been effectively been quantified.
Speaker TBD

12:45 PM
PERSPECTIVES: How to Leverage Patient Advocacy Groups: Use Us, PLEASE!
Hear from actual patients working in Patient Advocacy groups and learn from their experiences about how pharma can leverage their organizations for mutual benefits.

• What can PA groups offer?
• How can those offerings be put into action?
• Where might PA groups need a boost from pharma/industry?
• Why should pharma leverage these groups more frequently & thoroughly?

Panelists TBA

1:10 PM
Networking and Virtual Exhibition Break

1:40 PM
PERSPECTIVES: Patient Compensation in Patient Advocacy
A discussion of the issues surrounding compensating patients for their consultation and participation in essential pharma business activities.

Should patients be compensated for their participation in business functions?
What is the fair market value for their compensation?
What is the outcome/results of patient participation when its increased or decreased?

Panelists TBA

2:00 PM
FIRESIDE CHAT: One on One with a Patient Advocacy KoL

Speaker TBD

2:20 PM
PERSPECTIVES: Patient Advocacy, Rare Disease…and Kids
A discussion of Patient Advocacy within the world of youngsters suffering from rare disease.

What challenges exist for organizations who operate in the rare/orphan disease population?
What challenges exist for organizations whose therapies benefit children?
When combined, are there new challenges that arise?
Connect the dots on patient, family, caregiver, provider, facility and manufacturer.

Moderator: Seth Rotberg, Patient Advocate, Seth Rotberg Consulting
Panelists TBA

02:45 PM
Session TBD: Should Patients Own Their Own Data?

Speaker TBD

03:10 PM
PERSPECTIVES: Patient Advocacy & Challenges in a post-COVID world
A conversation centered around the shifting pressures & demands of the PA space as a result of COVID-19.

What has changed in the PA landscape over the past 6 months?
How has COVID specifically brought about change?
What is needed in the PA world?
How can pharma help support PA organizations?

Panelists TBA

03:35 PM
Networking and Virtual Exhibition Break

04:00 PM
PERSPECTIVES: Capacity Building with Patient Advocacy Groups
The pharmaceutical industry’s support of Patient Advocacy groups should be more than just “cutting a check.” While financial support is always important, there are many ways that pharma and PA organizations can collaborate to develop internal capacities that will augment and profligate their great work.

What are some of the key developmental areas for PA groups?
How can pharma help develop or initiate new functionalities in PA groups?
What are some examples of these programs?

Moderator: Dyan Bryson, Patient Engagement Strategist, Inspired Health Strategies
Panelists TBA

04:30 PM
Closing Keynote Panel: Topic TBD
Moderator: TBD

Panelists TBD
05:00 PM

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